Happy New Year

Hello! Sorry it’s been so long since there’s been an update. We still don’t have internet where we are so it’s a challenge to get on here. We’ve gotten a lot more settled in our new area on Vancouver Island. Many challenges have been overcome such as 8 weeks of no power, that was a struggle for sure. We also lost power twice since then due to storms. We’ve learned how to be more self sufficient.

This is a picture right before we left Edmonton.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! I am looking forward to 2019 and all the new wonders to discover in this country and to see what adventures God has in store for us. I know He’s got my hand in all this and I trust His guidance.


A Tiny Downside to our Tiny House

This last weekend, we in Canada celebrated Thanksgiving. It was our first holiday in our new location and on our own without all our loved ones surrounding us. It was a new experience for us for sure. Now, we decided to either find a small turkey or just buy some turkey pieces to roast. Continue reading “A Tiny Downside to our Tiny House”

Heading West

After packing up the house and the big truck it was time for the actual driving west. We were delayed by a day due to the trailer brake controller, which we thought was important enough to set up properly. When everything on the truck and house were working perfectly, we hooked up and tried to maneuver our way out of the property we had been on. This was no small task. The truck and house together are 71 feet so it is not easy to turn it around with just a little wiggle room. Let’s just say it took a shovel, a rake, a bucket of sweat, 3 hours, a few watchful eyes, some impressive driving skills. Continue reading “Heading West”

The Start of an Adventure

So if you follow us on Instagram then you have had a sneak peek at our adventure already but I am going to start at the beginning of the story now and walk you through it. Tim and I have wanted to move west for over a decade but it never quite felt right. Now that our life right now consists of us homeschooling and we have a house that sits on wheels and is ready to move we felt like maybe we were closer to seeing our dream become a reality. Continue reading “The Start of an Adventure”