My Bed-Nook

Today I am going to feature our main sleeping loft, which I have named my bed-nook, because that name just sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Cozy is definitely the right word for this space, I absolutely love it. Continue reading “My Bed-Nook”


What is an O-Tentik?

On July long weekend we went on a camping trip to Banff, AB with some family. It was Canada’s 150th Birthday and my birthday as well. We had decided to try out the new O-Tentik’s that Banff had just finished. We were the very first visitors to stay in ours, which we thought was pretty exciting! We had a great experience and wanted to share it here, since it is considered a small space, and everyone seems to want to know what on earth an O-Tentik is. Continue reading “What is an O-Tentik?”

The Children’s Split Loft

Hello there! It’s been a bit since my last post. I have been wanting to do a tour of the house space by space, but we are still in the process of getting it complete. So, I am going to start with the kids lofts as it was requested and is a space that is almost done, and then for the next post I will head outside for a surprise. You’ll want to see that for sure!

So this is our children’s split loft. We had hoped to give them each their own whole loft and were going to build a master bedroom on the main floor but in talks with the builder and his designer decided to make that space our living room/dining room/guest room. Continue reading “The Children’s Split Loft”