Loft Privacy

Ahhh…privacy. It’s one of those topics people ask about when you own a tiny space. We do live in pressed quarters but even before we had this amazing sliding door Continue reading “Loft Privacy”


Pre-Tiny Living Concerns

I was recently thinking about the things I was nervous about prior to living in a tiny house. The things I weren’t sure would work out okay. We had tried to think of most problems that could arise and provide solutions to the build, but some things we just had to jump in and try. Continue reading “Pre-Tiny Living Concerns”

Second Freeze

I promised an update on our winterization techniques. In early November we had our first issues with freezing. We hadn’t insulated well enough and ended up with frozen water connections and hoses. We ended up using a water storage tank with a decently loud pump. It got us water but we are a family of 4 and Tim had to re-fill that tank every couple days, which seemed like it would be a challenge through the winter. Continue reading “Second Freeze”

Six Months of Tiny Living

Today marks our 6 month Anniversary of living tiny! We’ve survived! I remember while we were waiting for the house to be built, I would try to think what it would be like, but it’s just not something you can imagine until you do it. The time has gone by so quickly, probably because it was the summer months. I’m thinking the upcoming winter months might drag a bit. Continue reading “Six Months of Tiny Living”

First Freeze

So I had said at the beginning of this blog that I would be open and honest about tiny house living. Well, we just had our worst week in the house and had many challenges as we have just experienced the official start of Canadian winter. It all started when I decided to reheat some pie last Wednesday night. Who doesn’t like warm pie? Tim says I started the chaos but it would have all happened either way, and sadly the pie was more tepid than warm. Pretty big disappointment for all that trouble for an un-warm pie.  Continue reading “First Freeze”